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DIY Magician’s Hat Tutorial NO SEW

Make a Magician's Hat
Welcome the brilliant Heidi from Elegance & Elephants! She’s here to show us how to make a magician’s hat with a great tutorial.

Hello Everyone!  I’m Heidi from Elegance & Elephants, very excited to be a part of this great series hosted by Andrea.  I came up with a fairly easy, no-sew method of creating a fun top hat for the aspiring magician in your life!

1. You will need: glue gun/glue, black felt, 2 sheets of cross stitch plastic canvas mesh, grosgrain ribbon, and a something stiff for the brim (I used cardboard, but you could use buckram, or thick interfacing doubled up if necessary)
2.  Measure the head your hat is for and cut your mesh & two pieces of felt the correct length and desired height.  Cut the mesh about 1/2 shorter than the felt!
3.  Glue the mesh to one piece of your felt, and then glue the other felt on top.
4.  Not really a step, but a shot of what your glue pieces will look like!  Then, roll up your glued felt & mesh, and using the extra 1/2 inch, overlap and glue the cylinder together.
5.  Use the cylinder to cut the top of the hat.
6 & 7.  Use the top to measure the brim and stiffener.
8.  Glue all your pieces together.  Add your grosgrain ribbon embellishment.
Presto!  You’ve got a hat!!
By the way…I made the magic wand by painting a chopstick, in case you want to make one of those, too!
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