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Handmade Costumes: DIY Giant Lollipop Prop Tutorial

Miranda from One Little Minute is here to show us how to sew a giant lollipop! This homemade lollipop prop is as cute as they come! And this fun tutorial completes her adorable Shirley Temple Costume! Check that out on her blog. But now for the DIY lollipop tutorial!

Hi there! I’m thrilled to be a part of Andrea’s awesome Handmade Halloween series today! I was lucky to meet cute Andrea in person at Sewing Summit, but let me start by introducing myself to you! My name is Miranda. I’m married to a wonderful, supportive man (we just celebrated six years!), mom to two energetic, hilarious boys, and a lover of all things handmade. I sew in most of my spare time (aka after my kids are in bed for the night!), but I also love to run, read, sing, ski, travel, play scrabble, and eat. I really love to eat. I share pieces of my life and adventures on my blog One Little Minute. You’re welcome to join me anytime!

Giant lollipop tutorial

Giant lollipop tutorial 2

Shirley Temple with giant lollipop

I simple adore Halloween. I started sewing custom Halloween costumes a couple years ago, and they are still some of my favorite projects! There is something really nostalgic about Halloween costumes, and it is so fun to see happy kids running around in costume, thrilled to be alive (and collecting free candy!) Whether the costumes are pieced together from home, thrifted, bought (I’m a fan of the $20 Costco variety!) or handmade, they capture our imaginations, and make us smile. I finished this Shirley Temple costume earlier this week, and today I want to share how to complete the look with a handmade Lollipop!

How to make giant diy lollipop

1. Gather together: 2 10″x10″ pieces of fabric, scissors, fluffy batting, a wooden dowel (or unused pencil), ribbon, needle and thread, and a sewing machine. 2. cut the fabric into quarters and lay it down alternating colors. 3. Sew two squares together, then the other two, then sew those two rows into a block. Repeat with the other side 4. Use a bowl to trace and cut the blocks into circles

Hot to make giant lollipop tutorial 2

5. With right sides together, stitch around the edge of the circle, leaving an inch or so to turn it right side out. 6. Stuff full of batting, and try to even it out. 7. Starting on one edge of the circle, near the hole, sew one long spiral through the circle. Backstitch in the center and trim the threads. 8. Using a needle and thread, hand stitch a ball of batting onto the end of the dowel or pencil. This will hold it in place inside the lollipop.

Hot to make giant lollipop tutorial 3

9. Place the dowel inside the open hole, and arrange until it looks like a lollipop stick. 10. Hand stitch the hole closed around the stick. 11. Tie the ribbon at the base of the stuffed lollipop and trim the ends. You’re done!

Shirley temple lollipop

In addition to Shirley Temple, this stuffed lollipop would be darling for a variety of costumes. A Munchkin is an obvious one, but it would also be cute with a clown or even a fairy! It’s a perfect way to add some sweetness to a costume, without adding sugar (they’ll get plenty of that!) Thanks for reading along, and have a very Happy Halloween!


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