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DIY Batman Costume Tutorial

Batman cuff tutorial

A Batman costume is essential in any budding superhero’s dress up box. This easy DIY Batman mask and gauntlets tutorial from Cheryl at Sew Can Do is fabulous! Don’t forget to check out all of the other costume tutorials in the Handmade Costume Series!

Today I’m thrilled to be guesting here with a downloadable pattern and step-by-step tutorial for The Train to Crazy’s Handmade Costume series.  For a fun and easy costume idea, try my Batman Dress-up Set.  Now all the little guys (and girls too) can enjoy being a superhero around the house or for stepping out on Halloween.
You’ll Need:
- 1/2 yd solid black cotton (I used Super Black by Timeless Treasures for a rich, deep black)
- 1/8 yd solid yellow cotton
- 1 yd Pellon Craft-Fuse™ stabilizer
- 1/2 yd of 1/4 inch wide elastic
- Sewing Machine & Notions (iron, pins, ruler, marking pen/chalk, needles, thread, pinking shears, scissors)
- My FREE Batman Dress-up Set Patterns (fits about 2-9yrs)
Click HERE to download the pdf patterns
To make the mask, with the black fabric folded, cut a mask front & back.  Transfer markings for elastic and eye hole placement  with chalk.  
Fold Craft-Fuse in half and cut a set of masks.  Iron Craft-Fuse onto the wrong side of the fabric.  
On the right side of the fabric, place elastic at one of the side markings (leaving the other end loose) and lay the other mask (with its right side facing down) on top of it.  Sew all the way around with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving a 2 inch gap at the other side marking for turning.  Clip, all the way around seam, with pinking shears.  Turn right side out & press with iron.  
This would be a good time to measure the child’s head to trim the elastic for the best fit (Tip: I used at 14.5 in piece for my 6yr old).  Fold opening inward with the open end of the elastic inside.  Topstitch 1/8 inch from edge all the way around to secure.  Also topstitch around eyehole markings.
Clip a small opening in the center of the eyehole and carefully cut out eyes, trimming very close to the stitching.
To make the gauntlets, with the black fabric folded, cut 2 sleeve pieces (since it’s folded it will give you 4 pieces total).  Cut 4 pieces from the Craft-Fuse as well.  Iron Craft-Fuse onto the wrong side of the fabric.
With right sides facing, sew together a pair of the gauntlet pieces with a 1/2 inch seam allowance, leaving one straight side open.  Trim around seams with pinking shears.  Turn right side out and press with iron to smooth edges.  Repeat with remaining pieces.
With the yellow fabric folded, cut 6 pairs of the “wings”:
With right sides facing, stitch the two longer sides together:
Clip around curves and turn right side out.  Press around seams:
Lay the wings along the raw edge of the gauntlet, with the curved sides facing the curved end of the gauntlet:
Fold gauntlet in half for the straight sides meet and sew together with a 1/2 inch seam allowance.  Trim the raw edge of the one side with pinking shears, then turn right side out.
Now Batman is ready for action:
Thanks for having me over Andrea!  And Happy Halloween everyone!!

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