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DIY Vision Board

One thing that helps me reach my goals is making them more visible… That’s why a vision board is so awesome.

Vision-Board - cover

It’s a cute way to keep your goals and dreams right in front of you. Which means you will be thinking about them more often.

You have a better success rate when you can see your goals!

Vision Board

I decided to go with a super simple design… but added a little flair to it. Here’s what you need to make this simple and adorable vision board!


Cork board

Paint and brushes

Contact paper and Exacto knife

Push pins

Quotes, inspiration, goals


Grab your cork board and make it pretty! To do this I painted my frame… Make sure that you protect the cork board with painters tape to keep it clean! Remove tape as soon as it’s dry so that the cork board doesn’t get sticky.

Vision Board

Choose a word that inspires you and make your title. I chose to go with CREATE. I used contact paper as my stencil so I could have clean lines! 

Vision Board

Trace onto the contact paper and cut it out with an exacto knife. 

Vision Board

Then just stick it where you want it and paint! It works great!!

Vision Board

Add any embellishments you want! I added gold circles for a bright and cheery look.

Vision Board

Now your board is ready and you can start getting all your inspiration and goals in one place!

I have a couple of physical goals on mine, as well as some reminders. I really need those reminders to help me keep my priorities straight! 

Vision Board

And I will most definitely be adding to my vision board as time goes on.

I’m so excited to get this inspiration in my office! I love how it turned out and it was such an easy project!

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