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24 Unusual and Amazing Knitting Projects

24 awesome knitted projectsApparently, there are no limits to what can be knitted or crocheted–entire playgrounds and even boyfriends! These amazing knitting and crochet projects will inspire you to pick up those needles and start making something. Because we all know knitters are awesome.

1. Crocheted Playgrounds

Knitted playground 

2. Knitted Punk

The most amazing knit project ever!

3. Crocheted Motorcycle 

Knitted motorcycle - AMAZING 

4. Knitted Gear Shift Cover

Knit your gear shift a cozy

5. Piano Cover

knitted grand piano 

6. Hyperbolic Surfaces

hyperbolic knitted art

7. Artistic Knit Clothing

Amazing knitted dress 

8. Knitted Scarves

knitted scarves

9. Micro Knitted Creatures

The cutest tiny knitted penguins 

10. Yarn Bombed Trees

yarn bombed trees

11. Knitted Boat

Knitted Boat 

12. Grocery Cart

yarn bombed shopping cart 

13. Knitted Lamp

Knitted lamp

14. Artistic Knitted Furniture

Lady Knit Chair 

15. Extreme Knitwear

Knitted Sweater 

16. Knitted Flower Garden

Knitted flowers

17. Knitted Power Cord Scarf

Power Cord scarf 

18. Knitted Train

24 times you knew knitters were awesome

19. Knitted Tricycle

 yarn bombed tricycle 

20. Knitted Tents

knit tent 

21. Knitted Bodysuit

This. Is. Awesome! 

22. Red Carpet Knit Gown

Jennifer Lawrence in a knitted gown 

23. Knitted Boyfriend

knit yourself a boyfriend 

24. Knitted Double Decker Bus

knitted double decker bus - yarn bomb


  1. says

    Cool roundup. Love the selections. Just a quick note that a lot of these are crochet, though, not knitting. The playground from Toshiko Horiuchi Macadam, the piano from Joana Vasconcelos, Su Ami’s micro crochet art, the motorcycle, hyperbolic art and a few others are all examples of crochet art I’ve covered on my own blog. Totally sharing this in a super-friendly way …

  2. Merry Miller Moon says

    I love all of these. I especially want to knit myself the dress and the gear shift cover! Thanks for the inspiration! :)

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