Fabric Stash Giveaway #3

Giveaway number three is here! Who likes to sew with knits? This bundle is blue and green jersey knit. 

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Giveaway #3: Blue/green jersey knit fabric. About 1 yard of each.


These knits would work great for a Beachy Boatneck for boys or girls, or Go To Signature Dress.

What would you do with these fabrics? Don't forget about the huge pattern sale! There are a couple patterns in that bundle that would be great with these fabrics!

Contest open worldwide. Must be 18 or older. Contest closes Friday, October 4th at 8:00 p.m. EST. 


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  1. felicia says

    I would love to make something for myself but I’m sure it would end up as shirts and dresses for my kids

  2. kelly t says

    Definitely some tshirts for my son. My girls got most of the handmade clothes this past summer.

  3. Kristin Marsh says

    With my first boy coming in November, I could use some more boyish fabric. I would sew him some varsity cowl neck shirts from Peek-a-boo patterns.

  4. says

    I’d maybe sew a signature dress, like you suggested. My daughter decided she won’t wear anything pink, floral, or girly- so I’d love some stripes!

  5. Angela Halverson says

    your polo top! i just bought it the other day, but then realized i don’t have any knit i like enough to use. they are plain, and i would love stripes!

  6. Angela Halverson says

    Your Carousel Top, sorry, don’t want to confuse you! I’m planning on making it a polo type top. :)

  7. Amanda says

    Oh boy! A recess raglan and some leggings and maybe a vintage v neck or some fancy pants leggings. I love sewing knits!

  8. says

    Ooh I have the beachy boatneck and carousel patterns which would both be great to finally sew up, I just need more knit fabric

  9. Carmen says

    That would make some cute dresses for my daughter – she’s into the twirling stage and wants dresses all the time.

  10. kellie sevier says

    I would most likely make either t shirts for my boys or a dress and legging set for my little girl.

  11. Barb Colvin says

    I see a comfy sleep shirt or two for me, I have some knit in my stash that will go great with these.

  12. Amanda Tabor says

    My daughter will insist on dresses or skirts, but hopefully I can hide some for myself…

  13. Tree g says

    Make dresses and shorts for the Dress A Girl Around The World Organization. Also I am teaching my 5 yr old grandson to sew so it would be nice to see what he would come up with.

  14. Jordan L says

    I would make a few skirts out of them or possibly use them as quilt backs. It’s my new back finishing favorite, knit is so warm and soft!