10 best games for kids 3-5 years old

10 best games for preschoolers! Great list! We have a house full of kids who LOVE to play games. Board games, card games, made up games, anything. Over the years we’ve accumulated many, many bad games. Fortunately, we’ve also got some really wonderful ones! Here are out top 10 favorite games for kids 3-5 years old. Top 10 games for preschoolers

Top 10 games for preschoolers!

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  1. Richard Scarry Busy Town | Kids love this game! It encourages cooperation, matching, object identification and more! Fun for everyone.
  2. Memory | Any version of this will do. Make your own or buy your favorite cartoon theme version (Sesame Street, Super Friends, Disney Princess) or a super cute Eeboo version.
  3. Count Your Chickens | This award winning game teaches cooperation and counting.
  4. Roll and Play Board Game | Great for toddlers and preschoolers. Teachers colors, body parts, animal sounds, counting to 5. 
  5. Go Fish | This classic card game is a winner! 
  6. Tell Me a Story | Help kids develop their story telling and imagination! Whether you choose the Fairy Tale Mix Up or the Volcano Island  or one of the other great versions you’ll all absolutely love spending time playing this activity.
  7. Chutes and Ladders | An oldie but a goodie. This game is a classic and is great for teaching patience to parents. 
  8. Zingo | It’s like Bingo but instead of numbers they’re pictures. All four of our kids have loved this. And it’s pretty tolerable as a parent.
  9. Sequence for Kids | A board game that the whole family can truly enjoy. It’s great for reinforcing colors, learning about patterns and sequence, taking turns and strategy. You may also like this Sequence Letters or Sequence Numbers versions.
  10. Picnic Game | We love this game. It’s an introduction to spinners, taking turns and making choices. Our only real beef with this game is the fact that tomatoes are classified as vegetables. 

Honorable Mention:

Hoot Owl HootCandy Land , Hungry Hungry Hippos, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Connect 4  

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    Can I add Haba’s Orchard Game which comes in a variety of formats, and is all about harvesting fruit from an orchard before it gets eaten by a crow. Great at teaching co-operation. We have the travel version which my 3 year old loves.

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