Thank you!

Wow, what a great response to my dress! Thank you all so much. You are too kind. 

A few of you asked me about the pattern. It is a McCall's M5804 view B. Overall the pattern was fairly easy. It is fully lined so it takes a bit of time but I think it is worth it. 

I'm working on a few more things right now that I'll have to show you later when they are completed. Nothing as complicated as a dress though. I'm definitely going to make another one soon. It is a lot of fun to wear what you make.

In other news, we've had a rough time around here. Starting on Wednesday night while we were on vacation the baby started having a hard time breathing and developed a cough. We came back home Thursday and drove right into the doctor's office. After tests and x-rays we were on our way back home. How wonderful is modern medicine? While babies don't like to be nebulized it sure is convenient to be able to do that at home. So, after many doses of Albuterol and Motrin and Tylenol a few days of being forced liquids she is finally starting to turn toward the better. Still wants to be held constantly and is very cranky, but she's drinking on her own so that's a good thing. I HATE having to hydrate a baby with a syringe. For some reason they just don't like it either…

So now I'm off to do a week's worth or regular laundry plus our snow clothes and sheets and towels and probably wash a bit of my sanity as well. 

The girls sorted the clothes for me last night in the basement and on their way up the stairs I over heard this conversation;

"That was so fun!"

"I know! What a fun day!"

"I love doing laundry!"

I hope they still feel that way when they are 8 and it is their permanent job! Hmmm, maybe 7.


  1. Shanea says

    Ok, I did not get to comment in the original post for the dress but… I LOVE it! You are rocking the tights too :) Maybe you can inspire me to get over my sewing fears.

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