Christmas from the heart

A friend posted on facebook the other day about her dilemma between trying to live simply and also trying to support the local small businesses in this economy. It is an interesting dilemma. If nobody spends any money then the economy gets worse and less people have jobs and the economy gets worse and the third world gets poorer and on and on. Yes, I realize this is a simplistic version of reality.

My take on it is to not give up buying or giving entirely. Make a Christmas budget. Give the first portion to organizations that feed, clothe and take care of people's medical needs. Then, because we have to spend some money, buy intentionally. Meaning, don't just go out to the local Stuffmart and blow your budget in the dollar aisle (though it is SO tempting). Here is my take:

  • Buy supplies and make gifts. 
  • Buy handmade or gifts that support a cause. (that's right, go ahead and click through each of those links and do a bit of Christmas shopping) I guess you could also throw local shops in here as well. After that,
  • Support Okay, that's a bit of a joke, kind of. 

I've read some good stuff about christmas shopping lately.

Jude at Pajamas are Clothes gets on her soapbox. It's a great soapbox. 

Donald Miller's Amazon wish list is one of the funniest things I've read recently. Please read it.

And, completely unrelated to Christmas, have you read Katie Davis' latest post? Challenging, for sure. I'm not sure I entirely agree with her but maybe I should.

What do you think? What is your take on how and where we should buy gifts for Christmas?


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    I fully agree with the notion of sticking to a Christmas budget. We budget all year for Christmas, so when Dec rolls around the money is already there. We have set amounts for each person we are buying for and we keep track of how much we spent. So, if I was under budget for say my brother, I can afford to go a little over for say my niece…etc… I also agree you shouldn’t spend just to spend. I really try hard to buy thoughtful gifts that I know the person will like. I am not that crafty. I do plan to make baked goods for the kids teachers/coaches…etc.
    And I LOVE amazon!! If you do buy from amazon, may I suggest you click here first so the money you spend can go towards a good cause?

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    I loved Jude’s post and had already read Katie’s post. Thanks for linking them. They were wonderful and thought provoking and helping to keep me on track. Hugs!

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    thanks for your comment today. I can’t tell you how many times the detective said not to post your kids pictures online – I lost count. I was really convicted by it as you can tell.
    oh, it is back to grey mornings here!!

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    Hi Andrea. So glad I found your blog (via your link on email). It is great! I’d really like to join in your 25 days of Giving- even though it’s 5 days into it! :)

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    haha, you know my take… LOL :)
    we do have some people we just have to buy that obligatory gift card for, and I have come to realize, that is ok. Not everyone can be at the same place at the same time… I admit, if I “had” to buy for some, I bought local or handmade. I did have a few who genuinely need a lowes gift card, and that was ok too. I just hope we don’t forget to stop the buying train AFTER Christmas when that once in a while overload sneaks up. Hmmm… that might be my next soapbox! ;)

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