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Try A New Crochet Stitch: 9 Crochet Stitches

9 gorgeous crochet stitches

Looking for a new crochet stitch? These are each unique and gorgeous. I especially love the bobble stitch and the ripple puff stitch. They’re all amazing though! 

9 Crochet Stitches

  1. Diamond Lace Stitch // SuziQ Creations
  2. Larksfoot Stitch // Dream A Little Bigger
  3. Daisy Star Stitch // Book People Studio
  4. Granny Stripe // Sugar Bee Crafts
  5. Ripple Puff Stitch // My Picot
  6. Beachcomber // Culture of Crafting
  7. Eyelet Stitch // My Picot
  8. Bobble Stitch // Dream A Little Bigger
  9. Single Rib Stitch // Dream A Little Bigger

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  1. Gloria says

    Thank you for all the crochet links you send. I really appreciate your doing this. I save the links to my crochet file then when I need them to see how to do a crochet item I click and go to them.

  2. says

    I just started with crocheting two months ago, but I got crazy about it :-D Thank you for the inspiration. I love to return to your blog as much as possible. Keep going!!! :-D

  3. Pattyann says

    I love some of the stitches you have in your book some are new to me and others aren’t.I have been cro heating since I was age10 it’s been 47yrs of fun I love learning new thing keep up the
    nice work.

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