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The Closing Time Lyrics Aren’t About Drinking With Friends

The True meaning of "Closing Time".If you’re like everyone else in the entire world, you’ve hummed along with “Closing Time” by Semisonic assuming that you’re singing a song about a guy, closing down a bar with some friends. It’s the end of an era. And you’d be wrong. Dan Wilson, the writer and singer of that song, waited a couple decades to tell us it’s actually about the birth of his only child. That’s right. It’s a childbirth song.

Listen as Dan explains the Closing Time lyrics. You’ll wonder why you never picked it up! If you’re short on time, start listening at 3:44. 

Are you ready?


  1. CAROL D says

    I have known this since the beginning! So many references to birth in this song. I tried telling people, most just gave me a blank stare.

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