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Sewing Summit 2012 Part 2

It's time for more Sewing Summit 2012. You can find part 1 here.

Sewing Summit would not be possible without the always fantastic, Erin Singleton.

Erin-singletonHere she is opening night welcoming everyone! Thanks Erin and her tireless team!

O.K. Let's start with the sewing machines, shall we? Three rooms of machines. All Baby Lock. Two rooms of sewing machines, one room full of sergers. Oh the joy. And they were open until 1 a.m. That's right. Did I ever stay up that late? No. But it was nice to know I could have.

I happen to own two Baby Locks (and a Pfaff!) so I'm keen on them. Well, the overlock and coverlock machines anyay. This was my first experience with a Baby Lock sewing machine. Not too shabby!


And there were classes. Eight classes. I had the privilege of listening to Mena Trott, Rachel from Family Ever After, Carrie from This Mama Makes Stuff, Heather from Fiberosity, Kelly from Kelby Sews, Anna from Noodlehead, and Thomas Knauer. I skipped out on the session with Sarai from Colette so I could rest but I hear I missed a good one!

Family-ever-afterRachel from Family Ever After

Mena Trott from Sew Weekly

CarrieCarrie from This Mama Makes Stuff (best class at Sewing Summit!)

I spent a lot of time hanging with this fabulous friends. From left: Lisa, me, Veronica, Heather, Jessica and Katie

Amy-smartI was so excited to meet Amy Smart of Brilliant Patterns fame!!

My favorite part of the whole conference was meeting so many great people. Everyone was so kind and interesting! I can't wait to bump into everyone again!

And let's not forget the SWAG! 

Ss swag-1319
For a complete list of sponsors check out this amazing list!

So if you're wondering if I think Sewing Summit is worth the time and money? Yes and no. If you're just looking to go learn you're probably better off taking classes at a local fabric store. If you're going to meet people and network then definitely!

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