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Quick Bandana Skirt tutorial

Need a quick project? This easy bandana skirt tutorial is about as quick as they get! I needed to make an outfit for a western wear day for my kids and this bandana skirt fit the bill. Full instructions for how to make this easy bandana skirt below.


I asked around on facebook for quick western attire and there were so many great answers! Ultimately none was quite the way I wanted to go but I did stumble upon this cute skirt that was my inspiration.

All you need is an old pair of jeans or a jean skirt and one bandana.


Cut the jeans off above the legs. 

Cut the bandana into 8 trianges. Half of them will be hemed already. Use pinking sheers to cut the others (or hem the edges).

Gather the tops of the bandana pieces. 

Pin and sew the bandana, right side toward the skirt.


That's it!



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