My dress

I've talked about it. I've told a few of you that I completed it. But I hadn't shown anyone pictures, yet. So, without further ado, here is the dress I made for myself last week.

Dress collage
These first pictures were taken in a poorly lit hotel room so you may not get the full effect but I hope you take my word that it turned out very well. And most importantly, I could zip it up.

This dress is a heavy flannel and the band around the ribs is corduroy. I put in my first invisible zipper. It was a learning process but it actually isn't that difficult.

This beauty is fully lined. I should have taken a picture of the lining. It is a great royal blue cotton. This is a winter dress, for sure. And the good thing is there is a lot of winter left!

I love it. The hours it took to make were so worth it. Now I just need to get back my pre-Christmas diet so it will fit properly! 

What do you think? Would you wear it? Okay, imagine it without the pink tights because I know those are throwing most of you off!

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  1. Heather says

    I would totally wear it! I love the tights I think they rock!! Great job and you look hot ;) Get your hubby to take you out!!

  2. d'Linda Laird says

    The dress is adorable with the pink sash and tights. I love that you used flannel and then corduroy for the pink.

  3. says

    AWESOME!!!! You did a fantastic job on The Dress, Andrea! And the colours suit you really well too – love the boots and pink tights too! xxx

  4. says

    You’ve done a fabulous job of your dress and it fits like a glove. Well done. Invisible zippers are definitely the way to go once you mastered how to put them in.

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