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Handmade Costumes: DIY Incredibles Costume Tutorial for the whole family!

I’m happy to share my Incredibles tutorial with you.  Halloween + kids = lots of fun.  Each year I look forward to what cute/easy little costume I can put together for the kids.  

This was the Halloween costume I created for my family three Halloween’s ago and it was such a big hit, not only when we wore it around the neighborhood, but even though I first posted this a year ago I get tons of traffic year around for this tutorial.  People from all over the world have loved this costume idea.

Here’s how to make your own Incredible Family.



1. Black felt
2. Yellow felt
3. White felt
4. Orange felt
5. Glue
6. Sewing machine
7. Printed off Incredible Icon pages. 
8. Red shirts or sweatshirts
9. Red pants or sweats
10. Boots
11. Black gloves
12. Black Halloween makeup
( span>Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8×11 page to get the proper size)span>
( span>Right click on the image to save, and print on an 8×11 page to get the proper size)span>

STEP ONE: Print off incredible sheets depending on how many you’re making and what size you prefer.
I did two large and two small.
STEP TWO: Using the printed off pages, cut out each felt piece in the corresponding colors and glue all together using craft glue.
One could, of course, sew these all together for a more permanent look.  I was trying to be quick and had no plans on washing these ‘i’s’.
STEP THREE: Using pants for each person as a guide, make the bottoms for the outfits.  Cut out black felt –one front and one back piece– in an underwear shape for each person.  Cut out orange felt to be a band on the top.  Make the orange band double wide so you can fold it over.
STEP FOUR: Sew the two sides of the bottoms together.  Sew the orange band (that’s been folded down) to the top of the bottoms.
STEP FIVE: Hand sew each incredible i onto your red shirt using black thread.
STEP SIX: Grab the rest of your items to complete your outfit(s).
Mr. Incredible has t-shirts stuffed in his extra large sweatshirt for a little extra muscles.
STEP SEVEN:  Add black masks using black Halloween makeup.
This was an interesting decision to have a 3 year old wear black, smuggy makeup.  But we told him over and over again not to touch it– and he didn’t.
That’s it!
Thanks for having me on your Handmade Costume Serious!If you want to see more, please visit Freshly Completed


  1. says

    What an awesome collection of handmade costumes!! I too made my twins costumes…as I have in the past! We are Red Riding Hood and the Big Bad Wolf this year! Great post!

  2. Kristen says

    THANKYOU!!! I am making batman but need the black undie things and didn’t want to put a ton of effort into it, Yours are perfect, using this idea. Awesome costumes btw, you did a great job!

  3. Jane says

    Just getting ready for New Year’s Eve Party and found this site!!!! It’s brilliant!! Definitely bookmarking for future use!!

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