Handmade Dress Up Series: DIY Baby Yoda Costume Tutorial

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Welcome Jill! Thanks for the wonderful baby Yoda costume tutorial!

Hi there! I’m Jill and I blog over at Made it on Monday.

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My blog is all about crafting, sewing, creating and inspiring… but mostly sewing. I’m a wife, mother of a 20-month-old, work part time out of the home and run two etsy shops. And no, I can’t do it all. My house is a mess and dinner is typically late. But if I’ve had some time with my sewing machine or glue gun, life is good. Needless to say, I need quick and simple projects. Most of what you’ll see on my blog can be done in a day. And since Mondays are a day off for me, many of my projects are made on Monday.
2011-09-15 047
I love this kid. One of the things that really excited me about becoming a mom was creating Halloween costumes for him. Last year, I actually got to make him two—one for Halloween and one for a movie night at church where we played the StarWars cartoon and encouraged kids to come in character.
2010-10-28 041
Someone so little just had to be Yoda!
I wanted to keep it simple (since I’d made everything new for his Peter Pan costume), so I used a brown long sleeve onesie and pair of pants that we already had.
2010-10-28 009
Using the hood of another hoodie as the pattern, cut out the two pieces for the hood out of a knit (they will be sewn up the middle).
2010-10-28 011
Sew the two pieces together around the curved top and side, leaving the other two sides open.
2010-10-28 014
Fold the front edge under and sew. I used a decorative stitch that looks like I used a serger, but a plain straight stitch or zig zag would work fine (for tips on sewing with knits, check out this post).
2010-10-28 015
Try the hood on your baby (Jace LOVED getting to model).
2010-10-28 016
The hood peaked, taking away from the nice round shape of Yoda’s head, so I boxed the corner (which was more of a rounded corner).
2010-10-28 018
Since I was using a onesie, the neck was different than what you’d see on your typical hood. I didn’t want to sew the hood to both the back and front of the shirt because I was worried it would limit my ability to get the shirt over Jace’s head (the kid has a big noggin). That meant I’d have to use ties to keep the front around his face correctly.
2010-10-28 013
If you’re using a onesie, cut two strips of the green fabric, zig zag stitch down the middle (for the fun and look of it).
2010-10-28 020
Pin the hood to the shirt at the collar, right sides together. If using a regular shirt, pin it all around the neck, overlapping at the front. If using a onesie, only pin along the back and stop a the shoulders.
2010-10-28 021
Fold under the remaining fabric that won’t get sewn to the onesie, pin the straps between the two layers, and sew until you get to the point where you’ll attach to the onesie.
2010-10-28 022
Sew with the onesie facing up so you can sew just along the line of the original serging on the shirt.
2010-10-28 023
Now you’re done attaching the hood! Next, on to the ears. I found a picture of Yoda online and used it as my inspiration.
2010-10-28 027
Cut out a pattern for the shape of his ears and cut 4 of it out of the fabric (remember to leave space for seam allowance). Sew the front and back of each ear together and then slightly stuff with batting.
2010-10-28 028
Sew about 1/4 to 1/2 inch in from the edge to give some definition to the ear. Because it’s already stuffed, this will give it some nice body.
2010-10-28 031
Cut two slits in the hood where you want the ears. I had the hood sit folded and used my rotary cutter so I could cut a nice slit in both sides at the same time, making them the same length. Tuck the ear through the slit so the cut edges of the slit and the ear are all facing the same way. Sew the ear to the hood.
2010-10-28 0322010-10-28 034
And you’re done with Yoda’s head! You can stop here if you’d like. Or, if you want to add some batting around the ears to help show Yoda’s age, you can. I figured, since my fabric was a darker green, this was a young Yoda.
2010-10-28 035
I wanted to also add hands and feet, so I cut them out of green felt, and sewed on to the cuffs of the sleeves and feet.
2010-10-28 036
Finished product!
2010-10-28 037
I also wanted Yoda to have his robe, so I cut a rough shape out of a lighter brown heavy weight fabric (my mother-in-law gave it to me… it was a table cloth once upon a time!), and sewed it together.
2010-10-28 038
Then it was a matter of resisting the urge to wake up my napping baby to try it on. He finally woke up, and I was so excited to try it out. This kid loves to play dress up! He gets so excited when I put costumes on him.
Yes, this is the cutest Yoda you’ve ever seen.
2010-10-28 0492010-10-28 060
Thanks for letting me share! I’d love it if you stopped by my blog and said hi! You’ll find clothes to make for yourself, home décor, accessories and so much more!
Thanks, Andrea, for having me!

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  1. says

    I made my little girl a Yoda costume from your amazing tutorial. Thank you SO much :) Your post was the only one that was understandable, helpful, & cute!

  2. Rachel B says

    Two questions (I’m new to sewing, eek!): What type of fabric did you use and how many yards (appx) did you need? How did you do the boxing of the corner?
    Thank you!

  3. says

    The hood was a knit fabric, though you could probably use any green fabric. A half a yard or an old t-shirt would be plenty. The Robe she made used a woven cotton but would work with any type of fabric. The size of the child determines how much fabric. A yard should be plenty for most kids.

  4. Megan says

    Thanks so much for this easy to follow tutorial! I made my 21 month old son his yoda hood today, and it turned out wonderfully! I have basic sewing skills, but this was something new for me, and I could do it! Yippee! Thanks!