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20 FREE sewing patterns for kids’ clothes


20 FREE sewing patterns for kids' clothes!

Ready to break out the sewing machine and start sewing some clothes for kids? Here are 20 free sewing patterns that I know you’ll love. From little boxer briefs to bow ties to dresses and jackets, there’s something for all seasons! These designers and bloggers have been so kind to release their patterns free of charge. Please make sure to say thanks!

See all 20 FREE sewing patterns for kids’s clothes HERE.


  1. marjolein says

    Just in case you can read german (or don’t mind using google translate): there’s this german website with lots of patterns for kids.
    I use plenty of her tutorials, and they’re all very clear and well made. Some of them are probably easy to understand even if you don’t speak a word of german, as she uses a lot of photo’s in her tutorials.
    cheers Marjolein

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