I’m in a book!

Well, an e-book. And I was just one of more than 800 bloggers whose "works for me" posts was included in We Are That Family's That Work's For Me book. But I am still excited to be included! I've read through my copy and it is FABULOUS! Seriously! So many great tips from laundry tips to relationship helps. My tip was my chocolate syrup recipe. (excuse me while I go make some more…) But what is my favorite tip in the book? How to trap fruit flies, of course! Though other tips I've loved are the "Stair Bucket" and "Puzzle Bag". The tip I need most? "Organizing Mail." (I hate mail)


Here is a great trailer for the book.

So fun, right? Go get yourself a copy! All proceeds go to fun the Mercy House, a maternity home in Kenya for girls who would otherwise be living on the streets or be forced to abort their babies. With all the proceeds supporting such a worthy cause there is no reason not to buy the book!

And yes, I am an affiliate but really I just want you to support Mercy House so if you'd rather just give your money directly go do that!


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