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Would You Choose Beautiful?

Dove is at it again creating viral videos that challenge us to think about how we define beauty.  #ChooseBeautiful is an emotionally charged campaign intending to get women thinking and dialoging about the way we internalize society’s ideas about beauty.

In this video, women are walking into a building and presented with two doors. One door says “average” and one says “beautiful.” Watch as women read and pause to consider which door to enter. Listening to their thought process and feelings about that situation is powerful. 

#choosebeautiful campaign

Reaction to this video has been overwhelmingly mixed.


Some people have brought up the concern that it focuses too must on outer appearance and beauty rather than inner beauty. I don’t deny that society, as a whole, does place too much importance of being pretty, put together, beautiful, etc. However, we all do live in that society. So why not encourage everyone to embrace their uniqueness and claim it as beauty?

Watch and tell us who you identify with. Which door would you choose? Would you choose beautiful? Or would you just walk away, choosing to focus on your inner qualities?

Choose beautiful!


  1. Rachael says

    disappointed to see no big women on this ad. not shocked at all, but disappointed. Big women are beautiful as well but if we are to believe this ad which tells us to choose how we see ourselves, then Id believe that big women are not worthy to be beautiful or average. I know that I am average and I accept that, but maybe it would have been a more empowering video to see some big women/disfigured etc get the chance to choose beautiful.

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