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Week in photo

What a fun week. Long. Fun. Here is my week in photo.

I bought too much fabric for pants. Namely these Skinny Jeans. JoAnns gets me every time.

I finished a couple mermaid tails. 


We played outside. I love the color of their hair. Crazy amazing.

We played outside some more. This pretty much captures their personalities. All this was happening within 30 feet of each other at the same moment. Love them.

I tried to kill myself.

You have falling leaves. We have falling blossoms.

I nearly bought this antique tin globe. I was in love with it. I have no idea how old it is but I really want it. If you see a really old globe think of me would you? Look at Africa.


I love this silhouette.

I had approximately 30 seconds of peace here. Then the noise crept back in. The noise was loud this week. I let it get to me sometimes. The noise. The mess. I have to remind myself that it really doesn't matter. But stealing moments of peace like this help me enjoy the noise. 

How was your week?

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