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Vinyl or pleather trim tutorial

Hello all you lovely sewists that follow Andrea and The Train to Crazy!!

Cheryl here, of Paradiso Designs.  I  was able to meet you all last week when Andrea let me share with you how to stitch up some pleather/vinyl straps that look like leather for handbags!!  You also got a peak at one of my new patterns "The Urbanista HoBo".  The Cupcake appliqué will also be a new pattern too!

Here is the same bag done up in pleather/vinyl with another new appliqué pattern called" Urban Graffiti" that will be out at the end of October. IMG_3602
This week I am going to show you how to put pleather/vinyl (p/v) as a trim on the upper edge of the HoBo.  It really gives such a nice touch to your "homemade" designer handbag.

When I design my handbags, it combines 2 bags always in one.  One bag is the exterior bag, and the other bag is the lining.  One way that I finish my bags is to "wrap" a trim around the top of the bag enclosing all raw edges, nice and tidy.

I start with a 2" wide piece of p/v.  IMG_3560Next, tack the 2 bags together at the top edge of the bags (exterior and lining), so that they will not slip apart while being sewn, use a 4.0 stitch, and ¼" seam allowance (sa).  IMG_3565

Here you can see the start of tacking the top edges together.   I am using "Getta Grips" clips to hold all the tops of the exterior p/v bag and the fabric lining.

Next it is time to add the trim.  It will be sewn on the outside of the bag with right sides together and then will be wrapped around the top toward the inside of the bag. 

I start to add the trim in a place where it will not be seen easily.  I start just before the back side seam, which will be a great place because when the straps are in place the seam will be under the strap!   IMG_3566Sew right sides together with a 3/8" SA.  Once you have sewn around entire top and then reach the spot where you started sewing the trim on, lay the end of the trim over where you started and sew for about ¾" more, then backstitch a few stitches.

Next, start to turn up and over the p/v trim, and finish wrapping it over the top of the bag and clip in place.  IMG_3569Get out your zipper foot, and  put a piece of scotch tape on the zipper foot! IMG_3571Now stitch in the ditch all the way around the top to sew down the trim.  This means that you will stitch on the outside of the bag right under the trim, and this will catch the trim edge that has been wrapped over and behind.  As you sew please keep tucking the trim tightly around the top and under so that you have an even size of trim all around the top of the bag!  This is easier to do, just breathe and stop ever few inches or so to check and make sure it is tucked under.

The last thing to do is to pink the inside edge of the p/v, to give it a nice finish.  IMG_3573

Roll the edge of the p/v up and then trim with the pinking shears. When you cut with the pinking shears this way, then it is assured that you will not cut the lining on accident.  Make sure to continue cutting in the pattern of the pinking around the entire trim, so the peaks of the pinking are seamless!!  IMG_3577

And here is the Urbanista HoBo!! IMG_3610Next week I will show you how to make the Strap slot…it totally replaces the need to use gromments! IMG_3605

Thank- You Andrea for allowing me to come play in your sandbox!!  Have a great week sewing everyone!!

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