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Urban Hoodie

A couple months ago Heidi & Finn sent me the Urban Unisex Hoodie pattern to review. Well, I finally had the chance to whip one up and I love it! 

Urban hoodie 088
This is size 6 mo. and was made from a pair of maternity sweats I never wanted to wear again in my life. It is fully lined with some green knit fabric. You might recognize it from this popular dress. The pattern is for knit fabric and has instructions for how to sew this with just a regular sewing machine. No need for a serger. I believe this took me about 2 hours to sew. Maybe a bit more or less. I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

I do have a confession: I haven't sewn on the buttons yet. I'm seriously considering sewing the buttons on the outside and doing velcro underneath instead of button holes. It is for a 6 month old, after all. Quicker is better.

Confession two: I didn't change a thing about the pattern. Not one thing. That's unusual for me, really. So, Now I'm trying to decide if I should go rouge and change up the buttons. What do you think?

UPDATE: Now that I've put this on my baby I believe the pattern runs a bit small so make a size up for your little guy or girl! The sleves are long enough (a bit too long?) but they are snug. Some people complain the body is too short as well (compared to the arms, definitely).


  1. El says

    I would do the velcro only if you don’t think it will accidentally touch/scratch the baby’s skin. Or maybe hidden snaps could work too?

  2. says

    So Cute!! I just bought this pattern this weekend and already have one cut out and ready to sew! I was also thinking of snamps instead of the buttons…

  3. Kristin M says

    This hoodie is on my list! I have made her Perfect Party dress and the Girly Cardigan already and love them! I have the pattern for the Pleat Bottom pants and the Sweet Wrap dress but I haven’t made them yet. Off to buy more patterns!

  4. Hootnz says

    Yay thanks for the info, I have just purchased the pattern PDF along with another so that I can make the most of the great offer!

  5. Leandre says

    Thanks for introducing me to Heidi & Finn. The patterns look great and they’re affordable. WOO HOO! Now, instead of finishing up a few too-many WIP’s, I’m off to buy 2 (or 12) new patterns.

  6. says

    Velcro. I made one this week and used velcro, then buttons on the outside. Worked great. I’m still afraid of my auto-buttonholer, can you believe it?!
    & Thanks for the coupon, I’m heading over to etsy to get more of their patterns now!

  7. Renee says

    LOVE LOVE LOVE this hoodie! I saw it here on your blog and went immediately over to Etsy and bought it! I’ll definitely keep the velcro part in mind as I am a beginner (my Mom is going to help!).
    You have some fabulous ideas!

  8. Renee says

    Okay, so I started this hoodie yesterday. I am making size 2T for my tiny son (he still wears a lot of 18-24 mth clothes). It’s tiny! I’m finding the sleeves are tight on him and the actual waist is short. So I guess it’s going to now be for my 12 month daughter! An excuse to make more lol…
    Did anyone else find this pattern sizing to be on the small size?

  9. Leah says

    Two sizes too small for my little guy.
    The sizing is definitely way out which is something they need to review and fix.
    Other than that, a lovely design that I really like.

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