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Update and Refashion Pants Tutorials

update and refashion pants tutorialsUpdating your pants to have a more modern fit or feel is a lot cheaper than buying new pants. Whether you’ve lost weight or you’re just looking for a new style, these tutorials are really good. They’re simple and easy to follow so you’ll have refashioned pants in no time!

Wide leg to tapered trouser refashion

Merrick’s Art shows you how to turn wide leg trousers into more of a tapered leg pant that’s more flattering.wide leg to tapered leg pants refashion

Wide leg sweats to track pants refashion

Still have some older wide leg sweats that just aren’t feeling very awesome? Refashion them into some comfortable track pants. Give them a little new life with this tutorial by Trash to Couture.refashion sweat pants into track pants

Hem your jeans keeping the original hem

Short legs but hate the look of a home sewn hem? This easy tutorial by Sew Much Ado is the best way to do it!how to hem your jeans keeping the original hem

Wide leg to skinny jeans refashion

Turn your baggy jeans into skinny jeans. Diary of a Madmama has a simple technique for taking in the sides of her jeans and adjusting the pockets.Turn baggy pants into skinny jeans - tutorial by Diary of a Madmama

Embellished jeans

Give your existing jeans a little flare with these simple embellishment tutorials by Brit + Cosimple jeans embellishment and jeans refashion tutorials

 Bleach print your jeans

Grab a bleach pen and get creative with your jeans. Fashionrolla shows you how to make this animal print with a bleach pen.Use a bleach pen to refashion your jeans

Add American flags to your cuffs

The Free People blog has a great tutorial for adding a contrasting cuff. refashion jeans with american flag cuffs

Make your café pants more flattering

Alterations Needed did a fabulous job making these J.Crew pants a lot more flattering! amazing pants refashion

Bleach and sharpie decorated jeans

Use a sharpie and some bleach to make a cool design like Minted Strawberry does in this fun tutorial.bleach and sharpie jeans refashion

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