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Top 12s of 2012

A little peek back at 2012 with some lists.

Top 12 blogs referring traffic here

  1. Craft Gossip
  2. All Free Sewing
  3. Thinkliz
  4. Craftzine
  5. Freeneedle
  6. Project Run and Play
  7. Me Sew Crazy
  8. Married to a BMW
  9. Sew Can She
  10. Simple Simon & Co.
  11. One Pretty Thing
  12. Tipnut

Top 12 most humorous searches landing here:

  1. pinterest thanksgiving decorations (why are they using google to find things on pinterest?)
  2. pictures of dressed up potatoes (I can't begin to wonder why…)
  3. she stood up and wrapped the skirt [a large piece of patchwork cloth, rectangular shaped, with a silk band attached at the shorter edge to be tied at waist] over her jeans.
  4. washing machine cover tutorial (that's a big cover)
  5. 21 party  (I'm sure they were very disappointed)
  6. Wednesday 9gag
  7. www thetraintocrazy com (something against periods?)
  8. "a bunch" haircut "new do"
  9. "comment below or sign in with" bag
  10. zombie ceramics
  11. wonderful belle monster princess
  12. wallet that doesn't wear out pocket

the next 12 odd searches (because I couldn't stop)

  1. want to help make a line of little girls clothing help where do i start 
  2. wash the dishes (I'd actually really like to know the reason for this search)
  3. we count
  4. what are dresses called that are long in the front and short on the sides
  5. what are the straps inside my cargo pockets
  6. what are you sewing now
  7. what can you make with a cylinder and two rectangles
  8. what is "the train"
  9. what is shredding cheese
  10. what is the rubbery strip on the back of my sweater neck
  11. what part of my pants do I cut to make chaps
  12. what should i have in my closet?

Top 12 most popular posts

  1. Diaper Bag Tutorial & Pattern Roundup
  2. Gathered Quilt or Duvet Cover Tutorial
  3. Go To Dress Pattern
  4. Hooded Beach Towel Backpack
  5. The Best Girls Dress Tutorials
  6. Handmade Costume Series
  7. Kid's Summer Clothes Tutorial Roundup
  8. Quick Ladybug Wings
  9. Taking Pants Down a Size or Two
  10. Making Life Easier with Freezer Paper
  11. Flat Front Pants Tutorial
  12. I Did It Again

(the fact that those are almost all very old posts means I need to start writing better content!)

Ok. Let's bring on 2013.



  1. says

    This post cracked me up…. I love your list of most humorous searches. Oddly enough I get at least one hit a day from Google searches that have to do with hemorrhoids. The most bizarre one to date was ‘how to poop with hemorrhoids.’. Yeah, I’m pretty sure that they were disappointed when then clicked over to my blog :-)

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