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The Powder Room is Complete!

Friends, I can’t tell you how exciting it was to write that. One room in my home that was touched by this remodel is complete. I wasn’t sure that would happen, ever. This remodel is two steps forward, one step back but we’re almost to the point where we can start unpacking everything!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the powder room. I changed everything. Nothing that was there has stayed. New floor, paint, toilet, vanity, faucet, mirror and lights. But here’s the sad part. No before pictures. I know. I’m losing my blogger card for that one. But I’ve put together a mishmash of random internet photos to show you just how different it really is now.


What a difference! Light, bright, modern and fun. And just a little magical.


I made a list. Just in case you can’t decide which to start with.

When you can only fix a few things:

Paint. Paint. Paint. Try light and bright. I know the trend used to be (still is?) to paint dark colors or one accent wall. Don’t do it. Think light and bright. This is a light dusty gray/blue from Sherman Williants. It made a world of difference!

Change the faucet. Old crusty, outdated faucets are the single thing you use and see the most in a bathroom. And it is usually really easy to put in a new one! This is the Delta Touch.20 and it is beautiful. I told you about it here but now that it’s installed I can say that it has lived up to the hype. It can be a regular faucet or a magical one. Great for cold and flu season or just for entertaining toddlers. I love the looks of this one but I’m thankful every time my two year old climbs up and doesn’t have to touch the faucet after going to the bathroom. Oh, YES. Friends, this is amazing. If you’re not a fan of germs then you can appreciate the value in that.

Get new lighting. You can get modern vanity lighting at any hardware store that is inexpensive and still really nice. Something simple that matches the color of your faucet is best.

Bathroom faucet (1 of 3)

A new sink/vanity or mirror is really nice but if you’ve changed those first three things you may realize you don’t need to change the rest!

Bathroom faucet (2 of 3)

I bought a towel ring. Help me out here. White towels? Or should we do a color there? 

Bathroom faucet (3 of 3)
And look at that toilet that no other people have sat on and actually flushes! Woohoo! Fantastic.

Make music everywhere…

Delta Faucet



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  1. says

    This is so great! I’m sorry that the process is taking so long but how fun that you have a great looking new powder room! That faucet is so cool, I would love something like that. Though Kato would probably be drinking out of it all day. lol.
    Oh – and I would do colored towels in there! It would be a nice pop of color. :)

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