The Go To Dress Feedback needed!

Hi friends! I know many of you have made this Go To Dress from my free pattern. Can I ask for some feedback?


I'm currently reworking the pattern and I'd love to make any improvements that I can. The improvements I've already added:

  • an optional cap sleeve (with or without the long sleeve under)
  • optional pockets
  • The pattern will also now go up to size 8 but I'm considering going to size 10. Is this style appealing in a size 10?
  • I've added length to the dress because it was a bit short for the size (am I right here? How did you find the length?)

Do you have any other fun ways you would like to make the pattern more versatile? A hood? Ruffles somewhere?

Sorry for so many questions I just really want to make this pattern a truly "go to" dress!


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  1. Ren says

    Can’t wait for the cap sleeve!…was going to work that one out myself for this summer, but now I’ll wait.

  2. Joan Jamieson says

    Yes to the size 10 option, for sure. How about a 3/4 length sleeve, full at the top like this one, then gathered onto a tiny band at the bottom.

  3. Jennifer says

    I think it needs more length. It was a bit short for my long legged girl. A hood would be cute and the cap sleeves w/o long sleevea under would be a nice option too.

  4. Kelly Keith says

    I love it my daughter loves ruffles so that is a great option, maybe ruffles on the cuffs of the long sleeves, as well as on the bottom of the dress. I was thinking a Kangaroo type pocket on the front could be fun too. The only other thing she requested, keeping in mind she’s 2 and a half, she wanted to know if a crinoline could be put under it to make it be fuller. Ok so she wanted to know if “a tutu could make it poofier” but you get the idea. :o)

  5. Dian says

    Please go up to 10 or even 14! My daughter is 8 years old but wears 14. I have a really hard time finding patterns that are fun like this. Add on option ideas: hood, kangaroo pocket on front, side pockets and/or patch pockets, ruffles, sleeveless/short/3/4 sleeves, a pieced skirt piece (vertical). Yes longer would be great.

  6. amy miller says

    we LOVE this dress and yes, it is still appealing in a size 10! shoot, I think it is appealing in a mama size too to be able to throw on all summer. As for the girl’s dress though, I love that you are adding length as I always need to do this and I would love to know how to maybe make it a bubble dress- this is my little one’s newest obsession!
    amy miller

  7. Sonya says

    Would love it in a size 10 or even 12 for my older daughter, and cap sleeve or short sleeve (without the long sleeve underneath) as she is very warm blooded. Thanks!!

  8. says

    My girls would definitely wear this style as a top (not so much a dress) in a size 10. They’d like the versatility of wearing it over jeans or leggings.

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