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The ever useful drawstring bag

Having two babes in diapers means that leaving the house takes a bit of preparation. Well, more than a bit! In my effort to keep things quick I’ve managed to create a solution that works for me.

Drawstring bag 113
We always have a “Jack bag” and a “Maggie bag” ready to go. A couple diapers and wipes. An extra outfit for Jack, bandaids for Maggie. This works perfectly, especially if I’m taking one kid one place and my husband is taking another kid a different place. No need to worry about diaper bags, they each have their own! They are small enough they tuck right into my handbag with no trouble. Such a time & mind saver!

Just a simple drawstring bag. There are tutorials all over for them. The fabric I bought at Ikea a couple years ago. I used printable fabric to print their names and sew it on the bag. I’ve had a roll of printable fabric for a few years and it comes in handy for all sorts of projects. 

UPDATE: This is a very good tutorial from Purl Bee for an easy drawstring bag. Mine is similar except I didn’t make boxy corners on the bottom.

So, how do you manage to get out of the house?


  1. says

    I still have one kid but when she was younger I had this zippered mesh bag that had diapers, an outfit and wipes that I could just throw in my own bag and run out the door.
    Now she that she is older (3) she has a mini backpack (that I always end up carrying around) but it is quite small and light and has a cute plush cat on so everything is cool

  2. says

    I’ve literally just started constructing some bags like these! I figure that with number two child arriving some point soon I’d better be a bit more organised than I have been before. The older kid’s bag will probably also include a notepad and crayons, as it’s such a great way of occupying him.

  3. says

    I love this idea! It would be so much easier to have a separete bag for each kiddo. Would you mind sharing the tutorial that you used? Also, I think that you used to be in the Boston area as am I. Does the IKEA on route 24 near Boston sell fabric? I have never thought to look there. Thanks in advance for your help and great idea!

  4. Eilis says

    In case any readers are loving on that fabric, I just bought the same patterns this weekend at Ikea in Charlotte, so they may still have them at their closest Ikea. Super cute fabric, super cute bags!

  5. Esther S says

    Do you only keep disposable diapers in here, or do you have a wet bag for the cloth diapers when you are out? Also, is Maggie thinking about potty training? Hannah is doing it on her own, but it is slowly taking. She still has accidents pretty frequently, and she really doesn’t mind wearing, and using, a diaper.

  6. says

    Oh I LOVE these bags Andrea! They are a great idea! At the moment, we are using two Bubble Art back packs, but they can be a bit chunky at times… I think I may just give this one a go. Oh and I love the printable material! I’ve never tried using it before but want to give it a go now :)

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