Teaching sewing

My girls have always been fascinated with sewing. They began begging to learn at an early age. Not a surprise, of course! Now they love it so much I want my machine back! Teaching litle kids isn't as daunting as it seems!

First teach safety. Yada yada.

Next teach how to raise and lower the foot, backstitch, press the foot pedal, etc.

Finally, give him or her a scrap and let them scribble sew. Easy!

I don't see the point in restraining their creativity while they are young. They don't need to think sewing has to be a certain way with straight lines and perfect corners. In fact, they'll probably surprise you by what they come up with!

This is a typical scene from my sewing machine. My 3 oldest and the neighbor girl. All taking turns digging through scraps and sewing masterpieces. 

Teaching sewing-9182

And after an hour of uninterupted time my oldest had this.

It is a double sided quilt. I call her my fabric artist. Now what if I had told her how to actually make a "real" quilt? Or told her she has to sew right sides together? We wouldn't have this beauty! 

Do you let your kids have free reign with the sewing machine? What do you think is a good age to learn?