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Swimsuits: Trial & Error

After seeing so many inspiring swimsuits being made I decided to try my hand at making some myself. I didn't have a pattern, just used an old swimsuit as a basic size guide. 

I had two goals:

1. Make a swimsuit that fits

2. Make a swimsuit that is tug free. Are my girls the only ones that are constantly tugging on their swimsuits? We have this issue with underwear too so maybe underwear are next.

My first attempt was a failure. Well, it was too short so the baby got it. It fits her well. Did you know little girls don't really get much wider with age? The top part was a bit too big so I used a little elastic at the top. It turned out pretty good though I made the straps a bit too small. This one is fully lined. It gives the suit a bit of a sturdier, heftier feel.

The second attempt went well. I made little ruffles at the legs and added elastic to the straps to make ruffly straps. I'm not loving the way the front works though. It gaps a bit too much. It is fully lined, which I like.

The third attempt was from the same pattern but I cut the top of the front a bit differently and used the same swimsuit material to make a binding and straps. This one is not fully lined. This is my favorite swimsuit.

I succeeded at goal #1. I haven't seen any picking or tugging. I finally succeeded at goal #2 by my third attempt. Numbers 1 and 2 aren't bad but number 3 is pretty perfect. 

Swimsuit 2
I love that they are all a bit different. Even though they are basically the same pattern they all have their own look.

The best part is that I bought this fabric at a local discount fabric store and I made all of these suits for $2 (for the fabric) + probably $1 for the little bit of elastic and thread I used. I'm not sure how much the lining fabric was but it probably adds another $3 because it was more expensive than the outer fabric, even though I used less. So, for about $2 each I have 3 pretty cute swimmers. Er, sand players.

Swimsuit 6
Aahhh, look at that mess. 

UPDATE: I've answered your questions about how to make a swimsuit!

Unrelated: Do you have too much fabric? Are you ready to take the De-Stash Challenge?

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  1. says

    We went through a tugging stage too. But you’re more talented than I am – what great suits! I love how they all are similar but different.
    Such cute girls. Even when covered with sand. Thanks so much for linking to Finished for Friday.

  2. says

    Really cute. I actually made two tankini tops for myself last year. They turned out cute, but putting in a bra is unbelievably hard. I told people they couldn’t see the inside. I love how they match and are just slightly different. Keep creating.

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