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let's-collaborateCurrently Andrea’s Notebook is read by 1.5 million unique visitors each month with over 2 million impressions. Andrea’s Notebook consistently connects with readers via creative and fresh content and social media interaction. Here’s how we currently work with sponsors:

Sponsored Content: If you’ve got a budget and are looking to get your brand featured in the main content and promoted across our social channels, we would love to collaborate! We’re always creating new and fresh content right now that might be a perfect fit for your products. 

Style & Decor Features: If you are looking to get your clothing, accessories, or home decor styled in our photography along with a c/o link within a post, please send a link to your company to heather@andreasnotebook.com. 

To request a media kit or just start a conversation, tell us about your company and what you’re looking to do in an e-mail to heather@andreasnotebook.com.

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