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Social Media Friends: Ravelry

It's Social Media Friends Monday! This weekly event features a social media platform and gives bloggers and blog readers the chance to find new, interesting people to follow while gaining new followers! Today we're talking about Ravelry!

What is Ravelry?

If you knit or crochet you'll love Ravelry! It's a social media site dedicated completely to yarn! Accounts are free and you'll have access to tons of patterns, tutorials, groups, forums and new friends.

Screen Shot 2013-02-04 at 11.56.56 PM
Ravelry is easy to navigate. This screenshot is from their patterns page. All the patterns you could need!

Each Monday we'll be featuring FIVE bloggers so you can get to know and follow them! But that's not all! You can link up your own profile. Here's the catch, in order to link up you need to follow the FIVE featured bloggers AND five others. It's quick, easy and a great way to meet people who share your interests. Plus it will help you increase your following. Interested in being a featured blogger?? Follow at least 20 people and leave me a comment to get on our list!

Meet our featured bloggers!

luvinthemommyhood    Marian Rae Publications    Follow Shannon on Ravelry    Follow the luvinthemommyhood group on Ravelry


Melly Sews    Blank Slate Patterns    Follow Melissa on Ravelry

Sew Chatty    Sew Chatty on Etsy    Follow Elizabeth on Ravelry

Nest Full of Eggs    Follow Rachel on Ravelry

Call Ajaire blog    Ajaire on etsy    Follow Ajaire on Ravelry

Last week's link up was such a success because you all spread the word. If you'd like, please tweet & post about SMF so others can come follow along! Grab a button if you'd like!

Up next week: Twitter 


  1. says

    Great idea! I love finding new friends on Ravelry!
    Sorry – I clicked link before I remembered I was supposed to put something in description. :P

  2. says

    Hi I tried to get signed into Ravelry but it won’t let me. I sent them my e-mail and I checked my e-mail and clicked the link. I then put in a user name but it keeps telling me that that name is used. I tried about 5 different names and it still did the same. So what am I doing wrong? Thanks Ann

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