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So much to do so little time…

I've been working overtime these last few days to get my next pattern ready to sell. I love making patterns but it's really crazy how much time they take! I think the Go To Leggings will officially be on sale tomorrow! Yay! Well, probably.

I have a few changes and clarifications to make in the pattern. I have the most thorough pattern testers! Thanks to all of you. 

And thank you so much to all my regular readers! I really appreciate all the support I receive from you. I spend a lot of hours on this blog and it's always nice to get feedback and be appreciated.

A special thanks to my sponsors as well. Getting some compensation for my time is fantastic. So thank you to all the sponsors who appreciate this blog!

My newest sponsor is Swanky Outlet. They sell high end overstock bedding. They buy bedding collections from department stores when they are out of season or no longer available. Their prices are amazing but they also offer coupons to add extra saving. Make sure you sign up for the newsletter to get those special coupons. Visit Swanky Outlet today and stock up on some really quality bedding at sometimes us to 80% off retail! You can also check out the Swanky Outlet Blog and Swanky Outlet Sales Page if you're interested.

And speaking of bedding, I'm typing this late at night and it's time to go to sleep for me! Hopefully next time I write it will be announcing the pattern! Who's excited?


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    I am very excited to get the pattern. My girls are ready for tights that cover the rear end. :) I heard that your pattern also offers fabulous addons to make the leggings even more fun! I appreciate your hard work!

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