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Sewing Stripes Tutorial

Sewing stripes can be intimidating. I brought up the subject on Facebook last week and many of you said stripes were out of your league. It is true, stripes can be fussy and the thought of lining them up sometimes makes my head spin but with these tips you'll find it is very doable and you'll be buying stripes from now on!


Tips for Cutting Striped Fabric:

1. When a pattern piece says "cut on fold", trace the pattern then flip the pattern over and trace again making a full piece that doesn't need to be cut on fold.Sewing-stripes-1

2. Use freezer paper for the pattern. Follow this tutorial of mine.

3. Line your key curves or points of the pattern up on a stripe edge. This will make it easier to determine if the opposite side is lined up in the same place. It will also make sure your dress doesn't end up looking crooked with stripes sloping down. Iron freezer paper in place then cut.

4. After cutting your front piece line up your back piece carefully. Make sure the key points are lined up at the same place on the stripe. If the bottom of the armpits are all lined up at the top of a red line you know the rest of the pattern should be aligned. Especially IF…

5. Do not stretch knit fabric when laying it down or cutting.

Tips for Sewing Stripes

1. Pin

2. Pin

3. Pin


This striped fabric made this fun maxi dress. If you follow me on Facebook you probably know the Go To Dress pattern is going to be released again soon is now available in sizes 12mo-12. There are many fun lengths and options too. I can't wait until you see this pattern. I'm certain you'll find it extremely useful!

This pattern is NOW available HERE.



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