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Sewing school clothes

It’s been an AMAZING Alphabet Collection tour so far and I’m excited to be the next stop. It’s hard to follow after fur coats, insanely awesome hand dying, cute toggles, mustache shirts, bonnetbus fabric, eyelet, zipper piping, patch pockets, stripe bandage pants, adorable photo shoots, and amazing brother/sister outfits. Seriously. They make me all wish I had more hours in the day so I could sew cool things like they do!

However, I’m pretty much in love with this outfit I created. I sewed it for my daughter who never chooses pink or frilly. She marches to the beat of her own drum and she couldnt’ be happier with this outfit.

Alphabet photo shoot (1 of 25)


I was planning to make the button fly version of the W pants but when I asked my daughter she said she preferred elastic waist. I was a little dissappointed but I’d prefer she love them. I went off-book a bit and made a faux fly. I like the look a better than the flat seam front but that’s just personal preference.

I used the knit fabric, from the bodice of the shirt, to add a pop of color and coordinate the pants and shirt. I backed the knit fabric with a plain muslin to give it stability.


The shirt is one of my favorite fabric combos ever. I really want to buy more of these fabrics to make myself something. I used the tabs for the sleeves and I’m glad I did. I made another version of this shirt with short sleeves and it’s a great shirt. A fine shirt. But this one is super cook. Better than fine.

I was sewing without my nice sewing machine that sews knits well (or my serger). The machine ate part of the neckband so I just made it thinner and it works fine. I would have liked it a bit wider but it is what it is! Sometimes we are at the mercy of our machine.

My Study Hall Jacket was the 6th or 7th I had sewn. I had never sewn with ripstop before. I hadn’t thought about how slippery it is! But I finished this jacket and it’s now a super cool windbreakery type jacket that she loves. Though I’m pretty sure I’ll stick to other fabrics next time.

You’ll notice this jacket pattern has raglan sleeves. I bought some leather a while back and I’m hoping to make a letterman style jacket for my son. I think that will be super cute.

I used regular knit fabric for the waistband and collars. That pattern suggests against it. But I was determined to use this floral in every piece of the outfit.

The jacket is fully lined with some super soft organic fleece. If it wasn’t 80 degrees she wouldn’t have taken the jacket off.


For the BBC Vest I made the racer back and curved hem. I was afraid she’d wrinkle her nose at the ruffled peplum. It’s pretty cute on her and she loves it.

Items made for my tall, thin girl:

W Pants: Size 6 (lengthened to size 7 for a slim fit look)

Recess Raglan: Size 5 (lengthened to size 7 for a fitted tee look)

BBC Vest: Size 5 (lengthened to size 7 for a close fitting look)

Study Hall Jacket: Size 7



The Alphabet Collection is only available through August 12th! After that you can buy the indivisual pieces for nearly twice the cost of the collection. Hurry to get your copy!

adorable school clothes patterns!

And a parting gift for you:



  1. says

    Really cute, Andrea! I love the colors and fabrics together – so tranquil and feminine, but with a little edge, too. And I totally spit out my coffee laughing at that last picture!

  2. Dina says

    My girl is a self-styled tomboy who doesn’t want to touch pink OR frilly with a ten foot pole. Still it is fun to take her shopping to pick out fabrics for her style.

  3. says

    I really do hope my daughter will grow up and be like yours, so I can create some amazing clothes like this for her, the not too girly girly kind. You made it perfect for her, with the colors and fabric choices- i love it all. And I love how much these patterns are so versatile. You ladies are crazy cool.

  4. says

    That first pic is, like, the coolest thing ever! I totally did a double take when I saw it. You’re the coolest. I adore ADORE each piece you did, and especially how you put it all together. Such fabulous pattern mixing. I love it love it love it!

  5. says

    Awesome outfit!! I love how it is feminine without being too girly. I purchased the collection last week and I can’t wait to get started on back to school outfits for both my kids!

  6. says

    I have loved seeing what you and your amazing tour team have sewn with this pattern collection! So impressive. I love your ensemble here–especially having a girl of my own who prefers no ruffles. Such great work!

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