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Sewing for SPRING!

I've been working away like crazy sewing for Spring. Unfortunately, none of it is ready to present yet. BUT, if you take a look at my photo journal you'll catch a few peeks. Follow along on instagram if you're interested.

I've been using this girl overtime.

Whenever I make a new pattern I test it and test it myself. I didn't want to change my serger thread this weekend so I now have 5 garments that match that thread. Good thing it's one of my favorite colors.

And speaking of that machine, I highly recommend a Baby Lock if you use a serger a lot. The stitches are always perfect. It is easy to thread and switching between stitches is a snap. And I'm not paid to say that. I had a different brand before this one and it was not that enjoyable to use. This girl is SO fun. They aren't cheap but if you're willing to invest this is the way to go.

Do you have a serger? What do you like about your serger?

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  1. says

    I love my serger for speed and tidiness. I do have to say that my regular sewing machine is old and slow so maybe that’s why I feel the serger is sooo much faster :) It’s timing is off right now so I can’t use it and its driving me crazy! I miss it too much haha.

  2. says

    I’m the same I hate changing my serger thread color so pretty much everything is white. But that blue is such a pretty color I can see why you’d make everything match this weekend. I’ve got a few Juki sergers and an old singer. Love the singer but Singer doesn’t make their sergers like that any more (the newer versions are pretty junky I have a friend with one) and I like my jukis just because it’s a good quality machine and the company actually sells them wholesale so way better than others in the price range. But I have used babylock sergers and really liked them. Can’t wait to see your creations

  3. says

    I love that color thread too! This is a little off topic, but I was wondering if there was a brand/type of serger thread that you like/recommend? I bought the cheapie stuff and one of the threads inevitably breaks on my serger. I’m so frustrated!
    Thanks in advance for any advice! :)

  4. says

    I have an old bernina. I do love it! I sew with it every time I sew. Changing thread is a problem. It takes about 10 precious minutes. I hope to get faster at it, but no such luck yet. Can’t wait to see the spring clothing line :)

  5. Kere says

    Love love love my serger. I have an Imagine.
    I love how easy it is to thread it or change the thread……I’ve only used white so far but have rethreaded it once for practice in a class.
    It was a surprise Christmas gift so I haven’t used the navy thread my husband bought me!
    Yes, the color you have on is gorgeous!
    My fav thing….gathering on it..soooo easy and sooo nice and even and easy to put onto a garmet!
    I’m still learning it…..there is a class coming up in March that I can’t wait to take!
    I took one class already……just a basic get to know your Baby Lock.
    I really love everything about it :)

  6. says

    I have a babylock eclipse (one with the air threading) and I love it. It sews smoooth and the threading is so easy! I had a different serger before (a Bernette) and it was fine, but this one is way better. ~Major Moma

  7. says

    Babylock is so great because they have that air threading in their sergers! I feel like Babylock is the best in this area of serging, but I had to go with the Brother 1034D for my first one! I definitely will upgrade eventually! :)

  8. Judy Blinkenberg says

    I have had my Babylock for 10 years or more. I change my thread colors often but I would like that color. It is wonderful for doll clothes. While threading is easy it’s changing the needle back and forth from one to two needles that’s time comsuming. But like you, i couldn’t be without it. I would like a new wave stitch but its silly to buy a new one for that reason only when there are so many fabrics I want!

  9. Patti says

    I have a Bablock serger & I love it!!! I had a White previously & threading it was a nitemare. I wouldn’t trade my Babylock for anything. Also, my husband gave me A Babylock Ellure Plus sewing/embroidery machine for Christmas. It’s awesome too! He said after giving me the serger a year ago, & knew how much I loved it, he thought this was the perfect gift. My old Singer is still a good machine, but I love all the things I can do w/the Ellure.

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