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Sewing for Men: Man Shorts

When I decided to sew something for my husband I considered something simple. Perhaps a tie. But I’ve made him one of those and he never wore it. And I already made him pajamas a few years ago. He still wears those a lot. Then I considered athletic shorts. But I didn’t feel like searching for the right material. Then I decided to look for shorts patterns. And without much thought I decided to sew him some shorts. I still can’t believe I sewed man shorts. 


I used this BurdaStyle shorts pattern. The pattern is definitely for more advanced sewists. If you’ve never inserted a zip fly or a welt pocket I suggest a different pattern. 

What I liked:

  • The style of shorts is great. Flat front, zip fly, welt pocket. 
  • Great shape.

What I didn’t like:

  • Figuring out sizing is difficult. I had to measure the pattern to figure out the correct size.
  • The waist is too big. The shorts fit great otherwise.
  • Instructions are severely lacking.

Pattern adjustments:

  • Added 4.5″ to the length
  • Added beltloops

Fabric used:

Lightweight pinstriped canvas. Origins unknown!






P.S. I messed up the welt pocket a bit. And also, my fabric pencil isn’t coming off. 

These were an incredibly frustrating project for me. Almost purely because I kept sewing things backward and upside down (yes, that happened) but I wouldn’t catch it until I was 4 steps past and  had finished all the seams. 

I think I’ll probably try to put a dart or two in the waistband to help with the excess there. Though he always wears a belt anyway.

And a great big THANK YOU to this adorable man for posing for my photos. He wasn’t exactly pleased when I asked him. But he’s too cute not to show off!

Have you sewn anything for a man this week? We have a flickr group we’ve started and I’d love if you’d add your photos! We’ll keep the flickr group going and I’ll be sharing some of the photos on the blog over the next year. And maybe we’ll have another Sewing For Men week!

Stop back tomorrow for a roundup of other sewing for men projects!

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  1. says

    Wow, that fabric is absolutely perfect. Looks great! So, would you suggest practicing with a zipper fly and welt pockets on little boy clothes first, or is it easier on a bigger scale? I don’t have any boys so I’ve never cared to learn either skill, but you know what, it is something I should know! I do consider myself more advanced, so any tips or pattern suggestions?

  2. Sharlyn says

    Excellent job, well done! My hubs does lots of things for me, but I’m fairly certain he would never pose for a picture. ;-). Well done!

  3. says

    These are beautiful “Brooks Brothers” style shorts, and you did a great job. Although, they were difficult for you it was well worth it ! Stunning.

  4. Sue says

    Nice shorts! If you want an easier pattern that looks just as good, and has a tutorial to help with the sewing of the fly, check out They are a new company designing modern mens wear patterns, and they are great. The patterns sew up very easily and the end result looks very RTw

  5. says

    Hi Andrea, I love this style of shorts and I think it would be perfect for my husband! I tried to download the PDF pattern but it wanted me to install something on my computer, which I’d rather not do. Can you email me the PDF pattern please?

    Thank you,


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