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70+ Gorgeous Things to Sew for Home

Over 70 tutorials! Make & sew for your home. Check them all out!

Get your sewing machine running! Here are over 70 tutorials for things to sew for home! Can’t sew? Don’t worry, some of these are no-sew projects as well. Start decorating your home with your own unique style! Here are 7 different categories of home DIY projects you’ll want to check out. Just click the link in each heading to go to the post with those tutorials.

1. Make curtains for your windows.

10 different DIY curtain methods. From sew to no-sew

2. Make throw pillows for your sofas, chairs and beds.

10 gorgeous pillow tutorials to sew for home!

3. Make comfortable seats for lounging.

5 amazing seats to sew for your home. You must see these!

4. Sew for your kitchen.

25 gorgeous things to sew for your kitchen. Great for beginners!

5. Sew a unique shower curtain.

10 lovely shower curtains you can make yourself! Sew or no-sew tutorials

6. Make a hanging chair.

amazing DIY hanging chair tutorials. So many fun ideas!

7. Make roman shades.

4 different ways to make roman shades


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