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Sew an odd sized sheet: Quick & Easy Sheet Tutorial

There are so many crib sheet tutorials available. But what if you have an odd sized crib, pack and play, or basinet? What if you just want a quick method?

I have this great portable crib that I've used with babies 2 through 4. It allows the current occupant of the regular crib to take her time outgrowing it while the baby gets a cozy sleeping spot in mom and dad's room. The problem is, it is difficult to find sheets for this size of crib, let alone cute sheets. 

Crib sheet 1
What if you just want the quickest method and don't care to spend time making a casing for the elastic that won't be seen anyway? Well, look no further. This is your quick and easy tutorial.

I've made this easy sheet tutorial for all your different sized crib needs! It is attached it as a PDF. Go ahead and download it so you'll have it when you need it.

Download Easy Crib Sheet Instructions

Please keep in mind that this tutorial was intended for thinner mattresses. If your mattress is thicker than 2 or 3 inches, please add to the length and width accordingly.

Any questions?

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    I had a hard time finding a fitted sheet for my pack & play that I liked…the only ones I could find were plain white and cost $8! So after seeing one of the millions of fitted crib sheet tutorials, I though I’d try making one and I’m so glad I did! I never thought making a fitted sheet would be so easy. Great tutorial and I love your header! Do you take passengers? :)

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