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Sequin Bubble Skirt Tutorial – Great for beginners!

Today I’m joining the 12 Skirts of Christmas series over at Sewing In No Man’s Land! So many great skirt tutorials. Head over to see the skirts that have come before me in the series! And don’t skip looking around Kelly’s blog. She’s an amazing photographer and seamstress!

Easy bubble skirt tutorial!

Have you seen those fabrics in the store that have the wide elastic waistband already sewn to them? These are the easiest skirts ever to sew. Unfortunately, they usually come in a women’s length. Thankfully I’ve got an easy, fun way to shorten them without hassle!




Cheater skirt fabric (measure girl’s waist and buy 2 more inches)
Matching thread





Bubble skirt (1 of 1)-5


That’s it! Super easy! Thanks for having me in this series, Kelly!



  1. Leigh Anne says

    This is super cute! I haven’t seen this type of fabric with the waist band attached ……is it from Joann’s or Hobby Lobby ? I’d love to try your tutorial ;)

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