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Project Run & Play Week One!!

Project Run & Play is here!! Have you seen this week's challenge? Will you be playing along for the reader prize?? You should!

This week's challenge was to do a pattern remix of the Junebug Dress by Craftiness is Not Optional. 

Junebug dress

Cute, right?

Now do you want to see how I remixed this pattern? Let me present:


Mod recess wear-6016
Using a directional satin print I lengthened the sleeves and added a band at the elbows. Shortened the button placket and made the skirt a bubble style. Oh, and it is SHORT so we call it a tunic. It's cute. I like it. She likes it.

Mod recess wear-6018
You'll need leggings or jeans for this one though! Which is why this is perfect for the playground! 

Here's the problem. I didn't LOVE the dress. I just wasn't excited about it. So I made another. But it is quite a diversion from the original pattern.

Mod recess wear-6156
Yep, shortalls. I absolutely love it. These are made with linen. Beatiful gray linen. No sleeves, rolled cuff, exposed zipper. Yes, two exposed zippers. I love that recent trend and had to include it here. It just fits this style well. Plus when a girl's got to go she's got to go and fussing with 10 buttons isn't going to work!

Mod recess wear-6049
Great alone with sandals or with leggings and boots. I imagine a long sleeve shirt would be fabulous too but it was 87 degrees Wednesday when we shot these photos. I wasn't that mean.

Though I do have to appologize for all the blurry photography. I'm not sure what was up with me that day. But apparently it wasn't just me. We were all a little off…

Mod recess wear-6008

Mod recess wear-6225

And I can't even describe how ridiculous they were here when I said, "PLEASE be serious for a second so we can get a good photo of you together!"

Mod recess wear-6120

But there were some smiles.

Mod recess wear-6147
See the zipper?

Mod recess wear-6153
I cannot wait until those two top teeth finally fall out. They have both been crooked and dangling forever!

So go vote for ME the best remixed outfit at Project Run & Play! Voting opens Friday!


  1. says

    Those outfits turned out so cute! I especially love the bubble top.
    My son’s top two teeth were the same way about a month ago. One finally fell out and the other one migrated a little more to the center and was just hanging there crookedly. He looked like a caricature of a one toothed hobo. I was so happy when the 2nd tooth fell out. Good luck!

  2. says

    OH MY – I love these! Seriously though Andrea, they are both fantastic! I thought I loved the first look, and then I saw the second and my jaw dropped. Love, love, love.
    Very excited for the big reveal later on today! Good luck!

  3. says

    They are both fabulous but I think the shortalls are my favourite! I love the Junebug pattern, I have made it a couple of times now. I’m sure you’ll get lots of votes!

  4. says

    I love these, Andrea. How adorable. I love that you’ve re-mixed the pattern but you can still see the influence. I also love that these are wearable and “play in”-able. I can tell the girls are happy in them.

  5. says

    These are both so cute! I gotta say I love the bubble skirt style and the bright colors of the first look. That snaggle-tooth smile is the best though!!

  6. says

    I’m so impressed that you sewed 2 completely different outfits ! Both of them are so wearable ~ the satin print on the bubble shirt is amazing ! And I’m so glad someone did exposed zippers !!!

  7. says

    SO fun!! And very mod!! I can’t decide which I like more – they are both just awesome! I think the teeth are so cute, too – my daughter has both of her top two loose now, too – they’ll probably hang on forever and be wonky – I’ll have to remember to get a good picture like yours! Good job, Andrea!!

  8. says

    That bubble top was cool, but those shortalls made my jaw drop! So Stylish! Good luck with the competition I hope you make it to the top. You so deserve it.

  9. says

    First of all the satin print is freaking awesome. Love the tunic. Then the shorts jumper is really amazing. It fits so perfectly! And adding the zippers instead of the buttons was genius. LOVE THEM BOTH!!!

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