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The BEST Peppermint Bark

The BEST peppermint bark EVER

Peppermint bark is the best dessert ever. And let’s be honest. There is mediocre peppermint bark, and there is exceptional peppermint bark. If you’ve had Williams Sonoma’s then you know exceptional (insane price as well). If you’ve has Costco’s you know mediocre (though still worth eating).

I’m about to share a recipe that blows them both out of the water. Are you ready to pack on the pounds?

This recipe has been updated with better photos HERE.

Want to print it? 


  1. says

    I’ll be making this this week for family gifts to pass out on Saturday at Christmas #1. I love how Soulemama packaged her in jars and think I might do the same.

  2. Jansie says

    YUM!!!! I will be making this for sure! I LOVE peppermint bark, but have never made it myself. Thanks for the tutorial!

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