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Are you enjoying the pattern tour?? I'm just loving how many completely different dresses and tops are being made!! Which has been your favorite so far? Don't forget to check out the Flickr group for all Go To Patterns!

Last week I announced that Go To Patterns is now offering patterns from some of your other favorite designers. 

Have you gone over to see what we have? Today Hilda from Handmade Therapy joined the shop! The first pattern she has in the store is a great fold up car play mat pattern. I LOVE this pattern, truly. 

The Go To Patterns review team reads and approves every pattern submitted to the store.

We are mainitaining HIGH quality control so you can trust what you buy at Go To Patterns. No buyer's remorse here!

That's why I'm adding patterns slowly! It takes time to check them carefully. Plus I need an assistant. How does one get an unpaid intern around here??

So go see what's in the sewing pattern store!

Do you sell sewing patterns? Want to sell them at Go To Patterns?  Download Go To Patterns submission guidelines


  1. says

    my favorite was the striped maxi dress by this mama makes stuff, if only I could find that awesome fabric, so I could sew myself one !

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