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New look, new header

I think I finally have my blog makeover, that I've been working on off and on for months, finished. I know most of you are seeing this in a reader so I'll show you what it looks like:

Screen Shot 2013-02-07 at 9.56.37 PM

All those buttons are clickable (on the header, not here) so you can easily see each of the categories or check out my social media pages. I've tried to simplify navigation and design while adding more ad space (because this blog costs money to run). It's a delicate balance and sometimes this place is a bit too crazy but I'm beginning to enjoy visiting.

The dropdown navigation should help with finding your way around, as well. Take a peek. That is one thing I still have to improve. I don't have everything up yet.

The Sale banner will disapear off the top soon. So look past that (unless you haven't bought the pattern bundle yet, then click through because today is the last day). 

So what do you think? You like? If you come here often you'll probably say, "recipes? photography?" Yes, I'm hoping to add more of that. But there's a bit so if you want to look it's there! 

And with that, I'm done changing this blog for a long time. At least a couple months. I'll focus on messing with my other sites now. Speaking of which, have you been to Go To Sew? I'm really loving how that is going right now. 

And you know about Go To Patterns? That isn't changing too soon. I have big ideas for that but not the time or expertise so we'll see when that happens. But we do have lots of new patterns!

Next week I'll introduce you to my other new site. I haven't mentioned it here yet but very soon! (YES, I'm busy!) But don't worry, I have help!


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