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New Glasses (also known as getting old and going blind)

Well, it’s come time that my perfect eye sight has faded and I’m the lucky winner of farsightedness AND nearsightedness. You know what that means, right? BIFOCALS. What? I’m only 35, this isn’t fair! 

So I’ve been looking for the perfect glasses. I’ve gone into every discount place and local strip mall eye shop just to check out the selection. I’m never in love with anything!!


However, I’ve finally found four pairs I like!. I did the in-home try on for If I had an ipad I could have done virtual try on, which would have been so nice! But I got to feel these on my face, and there’s something to say for that.

1. Paolo Visconti GLU04 in tortoise ///  I tend to think these are just too wide for my face. It’s hard to get a good idea because these have lenses in them and the glare from the photo is a bit distracting.

2. Ray-Ban RX5285 in dark havana ///  These are a classic style. I’m not completely sold on these but I do love the shape.

3. Fendi FS885 in brown & sand  ///  These might be the most comfortable for me. They come in havana as well, which might be my favorite color.

4. Smith Optics Mercer in havana fade  /// I’m digging the fade and the shape of these.

*Don’t pay attention to my sickly pale, Midwest winter skin. Or my 3 inch long roots.



All in all I was very happy with my experience! There was a great selection and they even helped me choose a frame style that works well with my face.



So apparently I’m Classic Chic! There was a whole list of glasses that should suit my style. I actually liked most of them but was sure a few wouldn’t look good on me. Thankfully has an easy process for trying on and returning.

So now the question is, which do I get??? Or do I go back to the drawing board?

Thank you to for asking me to write about their site! I never would have found these awesome glasses, finally!


  1. says

    If I had to choose one it would be #2. You have pretty pale blue eyes. Have you looked at silver frames in that particular frame style? Not heavy like these just using the frame shape at it does suit you well.
    I like big lenses so I can see with no frames obstructing my field of vision. Have fun and go with what ever feels best.

  2. Karon says

    I prefer #2 but #3 in a darker frame is nice too. I think 1 & 4 are a bit too heavy looking. That said you are the one wearing them & you should go with the ones you feel best in! Know how hard choosing glasses is, have worn them for 40+ years – it doesn’t get any easier. lol

  3. bLo says

    The best there is 3, but they are all too large for your face. With your coloring, you shouldn’t go so dark and heavy.

  4. says

    Funny that some don’t like the dark lenses, I think they look great on you. I like number two, the shape of them complement your cheekbones, the frames aren’t too square or too round, your eyebrows look good, the bridge of them is in the right place. I’ve for glasses too and it’s so hard to pick.

  5. Kathleen Lambert says

    Out of the 4 pics #2 fits your face the best. Would like to see you in wire frames, something a little more delicate. If you have never wore glasses you might want to go with the feather weight frames otherwise the plastic frame might be heavy on your nose. I wear the feather weight frames and its like nothing on your face. Good luck.

  6. Heather says

    I love the dark frames. So 1 and 2 are my faves. I got some black almost cat eye shaped glasses last spring and I love them as a statement.
    If you don’t choose any of these, please try some Sally Jessy Raphael type red ones. PLEASE :)

  7. Jo Lynn says

    #3 is good, rest are too dark….but why so big? Try a softer look with a smaller frame. Progressive lens do need a bigger field of vision but you would be surprised how much range you can put into a smaller area. Wearing progressive glasses is a total learning curve. Don’t be discouraged when you first get them and everything is wavey or blurry. You have to learn how to move your head to scan things like a shelf in the grocery store. Good luck, have fun!

  8. imdb says

    In all but three, the glasses wear you. In #3, you wear the glasses. Now, that being said, I think this has to do with the color of the lenses. I know the hipster look that you’re going for with the larger frames, but stick to the lighter frame colors. It’s just a nicer look.

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