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My ladybug costume

I only made one full costume this year. Another ladybug. That seems to be a popular costume around here.

Ladybug costume-4435
This is no traditional ladybug costume. It’s a fancy ladybug. Of course.

Ladybug costume-4449
New wings using this tutorial. I used felt this time and really liked the result.

Ladybug costume-4513
The dress is from Simplicity 1991. It is a very easy pattern though there are a bunch of skirt pieces so it takes a bit of time to come together. The red fabric is costume satin. The black sequin fabric is also costume fabric.

The costume is so fabulous that she told her sister (who gathered items from around the house to make her fairy costume) that “people will think you’re just a regular person going around town.” Sigh. I guess next year I’ll have to make everyone a costume so nobody looks just like a “regular person”.

I did make another costume. Well, part of a costume but you’ll have to wait to see that one. Those of you on facebook have a clue about what it is. Pictures of that one to come!

Did you make any costumes this year?


  1. says

    Cute ladybug! I have a daughter who I could totally “hear” saying that regular person line to her sister, lol.
    I “semi-homemade” a few costumes this year… of them was my baby Yoda — which is how I found your blog! =) I used your tip in creating the hood (and linked back to you), which worked great — thank you! If you want to see how it turned out…..
    thanks again! =)
    Mara @ Super Savings

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