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My favorite little top

I've been experimenting more with pattern making lately and I finally have a little "go to" top. I love it. Love it. 

She loves it too. This one is made from a fine corduroy. The neck and the bottom hem line are trimmed with bias of the same fabric. I like the weight on the bottom that the trim gives the shirt. The sleeves are absolutely adorable.

The skirt is one of my own creations as well. More on that later!


  1. Heather says

    I love love love that outfit! It is going to be so fun to sew for M when she gets older. I could right now I guess, but she has enough clothes right now (thanks to you and family) so I figure she is going to grow out of them so fast anyways so not right now. So I will file away ideas I get from you ;) Good job crafty lady.

  2. Sarah says

    i love the whole thing!!! that skirt is just too much-i love the pockets and buttons and the cut of the whole thing! yes, please put the pattern in your etsy shop :)

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