More Day Trippers

Day Tripper top pattern

I sewed up another Day Tripper. This time with long sleeves and the medium length. I’ve worn this twice since making it (don’t ask if I’ve washed it between wears). Obviously I love the pattern. I keep making more.


Day Tripper by Shwin Designs for the Just Add Jeans Collection


Medium. I had adjusted the size on the short sleeve one I made but this one is a straight medium as well as medium length (it comes in 3 lengths).

Pattern Options:

Long sleeves, no button tabs.


I wish I knew. I’ve got tons and tons of it so I’m sure I bought it in L.A. somewhere.

Long Sleeve Day Tripper top

Perfect for lounging around or awkward photo shoots in a poor public location.

Day Tripper pattern

The Just Add Jeans collection will only be available through March 24th.


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