Messenger Bag Sew Along Week 2


There is still time to join in! Check out Week 1 of the sew along where we gathered supplies. Of course, you can always finish at your own rate!

It is now time to cut our fabric and get started sewing! Thankfully, Keyka Lou patterns are very easy to figure out when it comes to cutting. 

  1. Print your pattern pieces. Tape pattern piece A together as directed. I trace mine onto freezer paper for ease and accuracy when cutting. Get the tutorial here.
  2. Cut them out. If you are using freezer paper just iron the pattern onto your fabric and cut then reuse the freezer paper pattern. If you are not using freezer paper just pin the pieces to your fabric or use a pattern weight like a can of soup to keep the paper from shifting. Note: you should “square up” your fabric before cutting. Tutorial here. My lining fabric has a printed pattern and the pattern is, unfortunately, crooked on the fabric after I squared mine up. Oh well!
  3. Cut the rectangular pieces as directed (there is no pattern for those pieces). Use a ruler and fabric pen or, if you have a cutting mat and rotary cutter use that. 

Your cut pieces will look like this:

  Messenger bag tutorial-A

Messenger bag tutorial- B

Messenger bag tutorial-C

Messenger bag tutorial-D

Messenger bag tutorial-extra

Now that you have your fabric cut, let’s get sewing! I love the Keyka Lou pattern instructions. Great photos and directions. Very clear. Yay for good PDF patterns! I’ll be including a few supplemental photos for clarity. I’ll also be using numbers that correspond with the steps in the pattern.

Step 2: iron your fusible interfacing to the wrong side of your flap fabric A. 

Step 3. Sewing the flap. Here is how the fabrics stack up before you sew them (read the pattern instructions for great details on how to make sure the batting isn’t wrinkled)

Messenger bag tutorial-4806
(bottom layer: batting, middle layer: lining fabric face UP, top layer: flap fabric face DOWN)

Pin around the edges then sew. Always remember to remove the pin before sewing over it. Your needle won’t like hitting it! Then trim the edges of the fabric to cut down on bulk but don’t get too close to your stitches. 

Messenger bag tutorial-4810

Clip corners like so to allow the fabric to curve well once turned:

Messenger bag tutorial-4811

After you sew along the 3 edges (leave straight side open!) you can turn the fabric right side out. (WARNING: It is very difficult to take a photo of yourself in this position!)

Messenger bag collage
Once it is turned, and the batting is now in the middle, iron the flap flat then sew around the 3 sides.

Messenger bag tutorial-4812

Step 4: Make and attach the hang loop. Again, great instructions included but here are a couple additional pictures to help you visualize what to do if you’ve never done something like this before.

Fold the 7″x4″ flap in half then iron. Open and fold one side in toward the center fold.

Messenger bag tutorial-4820
Iron flat then fold the other side in toward the center fold.

Messenger bag tutorial-4821
Iron then fold on center again and iron. 

Then attach it like this to the flap your just finished:

Messenger bag tutorial-4822
Sew the top edge so it stays put.

Step 5: Create front pocket panel. Pin and sew the right sides of an inner and outer piece B together at the top straight edge. Then turn right side out and iron the top.

Messenger bag tutorial-4833
Stitch along that top edge to make it look more finished.

Messenger bag tutorial-4826
You’ll be placing this on top of the right side of an outter panel A (see instructions). Sew edges together.

Step 6: Sew back pocket panel. Do just like in step 5. Then add velcro. You can use the stick on kind or sew on kind. The sew on kind takes a bit more work but will probably last longer. Some people have difficulty sewing velcro so here is my advice: Always sew the velcro side up. Never put the fabric on top of velcro then sew. your feed dogs on the sewing machine don’t like velcro and it may get stuck.

That’s all for today. Here is what you should have complete

Messenger bag tutorial-4836
Yay! Not bad, right?? Any questions? Are you ready to take on the rest of the bag?