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Meet a Handmade Shop Owner: Rockin Princess Shop

Welcome Lindsey from Rockin Princess Shop for a little interview! Scroll down for a great reader coupon code too!

A little glimpse into some of the many things this fabulous shop has to offer:

(psst! those tutus are NOT no-sew tutus and are only $6. That's a steal!


Q: How did you get into the hair accessory business?

A: I have always been really crafty, even as a child my mom and I used to make things and sell them at craft fairs. My first daughter was a tomboy, but when my second daughter came along she wanted everything girly girly girly! I started making bows for her to match her outfits, and when people found out I had made them, they started asking why I wasn't selling them. Then I thought why not, and decided to open my Etsy shop.

Q: What makes your bows and accessories stand out from the rest of the bows on the market right now?

A: Well for starters, they are homemade, a lot of the bows on the market right now are mass produced and in my opinion, a much lower quality product. Plus I really try to come up with unique ideas, I will see a bow I really like, but add this and take away that to really try and make it one of a kind. I also have a 9 year old who is all too willing to share her opinions, so I can say that all my bows are 9 year old approved! :-)

Q: Which is your favorite accessory you make?

A. That's a hard one! I go through cycles with which are my favorite. For kids, I really like the Ribbon Loopy Bows with the felt centers. They look so cute on little girls and are always my best seller at craft shows. For adults, I really like the Loopy Scrappy Fabric Bows. I have a few that I wear and I always get complimented on them. I think they add a little something special to an outfit :-)

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Do you want to know my favorites in her shop? These!


Hand Crocheted Clip!!

Mini Loopy Clips

Thanks for being a sponsor Rockin Princess Shop!!


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