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Meet a Handmade Shop Owner: Crafty Cohorts (discount code available)

Meet another fabulous sponsor: Crafty Cohorts. This shop is so unique, you'll love it. With all sorts of fun washi paper and comic book notebooks and pencils you find something special just for you or someone fun in your life. Here are a few of my favorites:

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Get 20% off your entire order (I'm thinking party favors!) by entering the code BEEDOAN11 at the Crafty Cohorts checkout.

Fun stuff, right? I asked the Crafty Cohorts a few questions about their biz:
Q: Tell us a little about yourself.
A: Crafty Cohorts is a husband and wife pair who enjoy crafting. We've both enjoyed crafting for years separately, but just started selling on etsy and "channeling" our craftiness into etsy last year! It's been a lot of fun to explore making new things, learn more about ourselves, and make custom items for our customers. 

Q: How did you get into comic and washi art?
A: I love most anything Asian – anime, art, washi paper, and etc. I actually had some washi paper laying around from a potential project that never got started, and I decided to make mini notebooks out of them. After I'd made notebooks for a month we decided to make some mini comic ones and from there we slowly grew into what we are today ! 

Q: What makes your products stand out from the others in their genre?
A: Our items are unique, this ensures they stand out. We've only seen a few other sellers selling comic notebooks but theirs are either spiral bound or generic romantic kiss notebooks or etc. No one else makes them like we do. I think the most important thing about etsy is making/selling unique items. It's hard to be noticed when so many other people make the same items as you.
Q: Which is your favorite product?

A: My favorite product would be the Washi paper pencils or notebooks. My husband is a comic book collector so his favorite items are the comic book mini and large composition notebooks. 


Get 20% off your entire order (I'm thinking party favors!) by entering the code BEEDOAN11 at the Crafty Cohorts checkout.

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